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FLEX: TMMi Test Maturity Model Integration Professional

iSQI Exam:

via FLEX (60 minutes, 40 multiple-choice questions, minimum score 65%), available in English and French

Non-native speakers are eligable for a time extension.

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The TMMi Professional certificate is an important aspect of the overall TMMi program with the goal to develop a more mature and controlled process of software testing. Gradually TMMihas become an independent and industry recognized model for the assessment of testing and quality related processes.

This 2-day certification is aimed at everyone who wants to have a basic understanding of the TMMi model. A TMMi professional is able to explain to management the business importance of test process improvement and guide and advice an organization or project when using the TMMi model as a basis for their test process improvement. These will also be able to provide support in the interpretation and understanding of the TMMi model, including the relationship

of the TMMi to the CMMI model. A TMMi Professional can also act as a co-assessor in informal TMMi assessments and participate in programs for improving the test process within an organization or project and can identify critical success factors