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FLEX: IFPUG™ Certified SNAP Practitioner CSP

iSQI Exam:

via FLEX (120 minutes, 2 sections), available in English & Brazilian Portuguese.

Definition section: 60 Q/ 60 Pts, pass mark 70% (42 Pts)

Implementation section: 40 Q/ 80 Pts, pass mark 70% (56 Pts)

Overall pass mark: 80%

For qualification criteria regarding time extension please consult the IFPUG™ CSP Examination Rules and Guidelines.

Important: You must be a member of IFPUG for writing the exam! You will receive your exam login within 4 business days.

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As the use of Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) continues to grow, it is essential that individuals with an initial level of knowledge and skills be recognized.  The CSP designation is a formal recognition of an initial level of expertise in the area of SNAP, both knowledge and application of the IFPUG counting rules according to the IFPUG Assessment Practices Manual (APM).

An individual who passes the CSP Exam receives a formal certificate from the IFPUG Office stating “IFPUG certifies that [name] has met the requirements as specified by the standards and guidelines of the International Function Point Users Group to qualify as a Certified SNAP Practitioner (CSP) for the [version/series] of the Assessment Practices Manual.” The certificate indicates the Month and Year the exam was taken, as well as the Month and Year the certification expires and the membership expiration date.  The CSP Certificate will be valid for a period of three (3) years provided the individual who has been certified remains an IFPUG Member. An individual may remain certified by taking the CSP exam in the third year of certification.

The CSP Exam is a test of both the knowledge of the counting rules laid out in the current release of the APM and the ability to apply those rules.

You must be a member of IFPUG for writing the exam. Individual members must provide their membership number and corporate members must register using their corporate email to qualify. If you are not a member and would like to take the exam, please register for your membership first via IFPUG.