Flex is the most comfortable way to take your exam. You can do the exam at home whenever you want. You need a PC with a webcam, a microphone and a solid connection to the internet.

Please note: For a valid examination it's important to know the preconditions about the behaviour during the exam, the location requirements and the identity verification. Please download here.

After purchasing your FLEX voucher please do follow steps to start your exam.

1. Access the Remote Proctor NOW System

  1. Use of Internet Explorer and installed Flash is mandatory. Go to: www.myrpinstall.com
  2. Start System Check – Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your computer meets the requirements to use the Remote Proctor NOW system
  3. Click on the Windows or MAC icon to download the required software
  4. Run the application by selecting Run – In the “Application Warning” window, select Run then wait for the application to finish downloading (once installed, the software will then launch automatically)

2. Select your Test

  1. EXAM INFORMATION Pick Your Organisation: International Software Quality Institute Pick Your Exam Teacher/Sponsor: ISQI Flex Pick Your Exam: [CAE] [TMMi] [CABA] [CMAP] [CPPM] [FLEX Demo] TEST TAKER INFORMATION First Name: Your First Name Last Name: Your Last Name Email: XXXX@XXX.XXX Phone No: Your Phone Number
  2. If finished click Next

3. Payment

  1. Choose the payment method "Redeem Payment Token" and insert your voucher code.
  2. Click Next and follow the instructions.

4. Verify your Identity

  1. Scan your room and desk using your webcam
  2. Take a clear picture of yourself
  3. Take a clear picture of your valid Photo ID (Government issued ID)

5. Complete your Test

  1. Click OK on the 5-minute timer alert (allows 5 minutes to enter password) (Note: The amount of time varies by organization)
  2. Login with this account: PARTICIPANT LOGIN User Name: XXXXX Password: XXXXX
  3. Your exam will be listed. Click on the green arrow button to start your exam.
  4. Login in the Monitor by yourself: MONITOR LOGIN Monitor Name: Monitor Monitor Password: click the Insert Exam Password button (very top of the screen)
  5. Complete the assigned test.

6. Exit Program

Click the X on the top-right of the screen, and select End Exam and Exit Program
IMPORTANT: Although you have submitted and finalized the exam, the system will still continue recording until you exit from the program.